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Anne Watts' "Welcome" quilt was a Round Robin. Maker unknown Maker unknown

Nancy Meyer shows her beading work.
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"Yellow Brick Road" was made by Gerry Hogan using yellow and blue fabric exchanged by two friends. Alex Anderson's Red Work was made by Gerry Hogan using fabric that was purchased in Texas back in January of 2003. "Bugs for Kyle" is made by Mary Anne Blanchard.  "This is a bug jar quilt for my nephew.  It is my first attempt at quilting." "Lady Bug, Lady Bug" was made by Mary Anne Blanchard.  "This is my version of Fons and Porters 'Ducky' quilt.  It was lots of fun and very easy.  I love using bright colors."
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"Barbara's Tractors" was made by Mary Anne Blanchard.  She made this quilt for her friend Barbara who is always there when she needs her. Maker unknown

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"Spiral Cabin" was made by Donna Chipperfield using log cabin blocks cut in half and sewn together in a spiral. "Flower Garden" was made by Edra Moore. Made by Patti Voyles. Amanda did the green work.  Debbie Mumm Club Project Made by Patti Voyles. Table runner kit from 5 hearts in Tehachapi.  I loved the cows in the corn fabric.
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Made by Patti Voyles. This is from the Quilts from the Quilt Maker's Gift book. It uses some of the fabrics based on the drawings. Rather tricky setting because of the fabric choices. Made by Patti Voyles. This is a stack'n'whack using a Noah print.  It was a gift to a friend of mine. This is the Character Count's Quilt presented to the City of Santa Clarita.  It was made by our Guild and some of Santa Clarita's young residents.  It was presented to the City on June 5th, 2003.


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