Meet The Teachers-April 2011





SCCQG members met in Santa Clarita to hear over 30 teachers present a three minute spiel on their lectures and classes.


Patti is the council secretary and took notes during the meeting.  She also volunteered us (with our approval) to host the meeting.


Our guild members provided food and hospitality for our members and visitors.  It was a fabulous brunch spread!


Let the presentations begin... What you can't see is the "timer" sitting in front to limit each speaker to three minutes.  Our guild provided the "quilt" holders to assist each speaker.

And here's Lola! She's taking her turn with holding and folding.

Monica Stein presenting her quilts from real life scenes.
Get ready for the fashion show!  Guild members and friends modeled her work while she talked.  Fabulous!
Here's Millie - doesn't that look wonderful on her?
Sorry we didn't get all the teachers!  Here  are few.  Do you know the names?  Please help us!!!
Rose Hughes - I remember her from a quilt with Ravens years ago. Beautiful work.
Design a quilt?
Patt Blair
Jennifer Rapacki - look at all the little pieces...
Amazing animals!
Mary with her quilt that made the cover of Quilt Art 2009 - a date book calendar.
Peggy Martin - look at the angles.
Ann Turley - lovely colors!
Karen Brow - love the carp and cats!
Jan Steffen - seems like an early Christmas!
Sylvia Davis - fun every time she has come to speak at our guild!
Monica Stein
Opportunity Quilts
Opportunity Quilts
Opportunity Quilts


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