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December, 2005

Publisher: Susie Bakman                      Volume 16 Issue 1

President's Message Quilt Show News
Program Membership News
Directory Updates Hospitality
Block of the Month  
Workshops Other Notes

From Our President

Hello Ladies!

Wow!  Can you believe how the time has just flown?  It seems like just yesterday I was asked to be president.  I must say, the past two years have been a blast.  I have enjoyed the challenges, triumphs, and excitement that come with not only being a guild member, but President as well.  I now pass the torch of Presidency on to Chris Dolan whom I am confident will do a great job leading our guild into the year 2006 and beyond.

I have learned a great deal about our guild through the last two years.  One of the main things is that, the guild is what its members make of it.  Think of our guild as a quilt.  The building where we hold our meeting is the backing.  The money we raise throughout the year is the batting.  The members are the pieced top with many pieces, shapes, colors and textures.  Now, we have all been told that a quilt is not a quilt without the “quilting”.  For our guild, volunteers become the “quilting”.  Without the volunteers, the guild is not a guild. 

Ladies, think about it… if everyone does a little, so much gets done. 

As I write this newsletter article for the last time, let me leave you with these words of encouragement.  Make our guild's quilt grand.  Add your special piece of fabric to the pieced top, and then donate your thread for the quilting.  The appraiser will be left speechless.

Happy quilting my friends. 

Jennifer Moore


Again this year Merrilyn Lee and her friends will take charge of our Holiday Party.  We will have food from Rattlers and she is asking people whose last name begins with:

A---C    Bring drinks

D---R    Bring a salad or side dish

S---Z    Bring desserts

If you are salads or side dish or desserts call Merrilyn Lee 259-4562 and tell her what you are bringing.

For those of you that want to exchange gifts, bring a wrapped $10.00 quilt related gift.  There will be a raffle of some of the prizes from the Quilt show.  If you have an item to donate, please bring that too.

If that isn't enough, Beth Murphy will be joining us.  Beth is the owner of Pincushion Boutique in Davis, California.  She is usually at big quilt shows and has those wonderful "sweet treats" packets of fat quarters.

Beth is on her way to buy more Hoffman fabrics and has agreed to stop by and sell us some of her fat quarters and talk about fat quarter quilting, colors, patterns and the 30+ manufacturers she deals with.  Are you ready for fun?  Well come on to your party! 

Ellie Smith

Programs Chair

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Quilt Show News

Thank you, all for a wonderful Quilt Show.  Everyone who volunteered did such a good job!  The committee members were so great.  I took a class the next day in Simi Valley and those that came remarked how helpful and pleasant the volunteers were.  I talked with the vendors and they seemed pleased with the business they received.   The location was great, but too expensive so we need to start looking for a better location now.  Keeping in mind, some places will not commit far ahead of time.    

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable day.  Note here, thank you Nancy Mayer for picking up after me.  Nancy remembered to get the list of winners of ribbons. I did not remember until I went to bed that night.


The following ladies received Viewer's Choice Ribbons:

Donna Silas               1st  Place      Large Quilt“Orphan Blocks”

Connie Viner              1st Place      Small Quilt
“Dancin' in the Moonlight”

Linda Kerston            2nd Place       Large Quilt
“Snails Trails Through The Garden”

Glenna Beaver            2nd Place     Small Quilt
“For these I Give Thanks”


The following ladies received Ribbons for Committee Choice:

Alienore Conrad-Lake--  “Dogs rule ‘cause dog spelled Backwards is God”

Barbara Spencer-- “Tumbling Blocks”

Linda Kerston-- (2 ribbons)   “Snails Trails Through The Garden”

Priscilla Roehm --  “Once More on My Adventure Brave and New”

Karen Ricci -- “Blue & Purple Batiks”     

Mindy Stark--(2 ribbons) “Rosewood Cottage”

Susie Bakman----        “2004 Patriotic Quilt”

Linda Kerston---         “Mom's Flower Bouquet”

Mindy Stark---           “Rosewood Cottage”

Ruth Ward-- “Hasanna” or Palms”, and  “On the Road Again”

Committee Ribbon Awards (continued)

Cheryl Maylis—                                 

“Yosemite Duet-Firefall and Waterfall”

Pine Tree School--     “Character Counts”

Jean Watson--           “Lone Star Surprise”

Donna Silas—             “Orphan Blocks “

Barbara Montejo—    “Post Cards from My Life”

Connie Weber--         “Almost Jane”

Vicki Keller—             “Peet's Tropical Paradise

Connie Viner--            “Dancin' in the Moon Light”

We are still working out the details of how much we made.  The total count of volunteers and visitors was 490 people.  We will have more information at the Holiday Party on profit.  One thing for sure, $2600.00 to pay for a facility was too much. 

Gerry Hogan

2005 Quilt Show Chairperson

 Membership News:

Please welcome our new members (who signed up at the quilt show): Alienore Conrad-Lake, Sylvia Wortman, Becky Sutter, Jeannie Honadel and Trudy Edwards (I expect to have your name badges ready by next meeting, so please stop by at the membership table to pick them up and also to receive the guild logo to make a ”quilty brooch” with for the name badge).

Congratulations to Cindy Simmonds, Mindy Stark, Glenna Beaver and Pam Erselius, for winning the lovely FQ bundles that were donated by Quilt N Things and Q is for Quilts.  For a chance to win one of these prizes, please, wear your name badge and enter your name in the tin box on the membership table.

I have started to collect membership dues for 2006. The annual dues are $25, or $22 for members over age 55.

A few members have not picked up their name badges yet: Beverly Collard, Bonnie Wright, Linday Kussoy.

See you at the party,

Adva Price, Membership chairperson


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Directory Information

Please add our newest members to your copy of the Guild Members Directory.

Alienore Conrad-Lake
22438 Guadilamar Dr.
Saugus CA 91350

Trudy Edwards
27989 Palmetto Ridge Dr.
Valencia CA 91354

Jeannie Honadel
26861 Chaucer Place
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381

Becky Sutter
20111 Drasin Dr.
Canyon Country, CA 91351

Sylvia Wortman
25216 Avenida Dorena
Newhall, CA 91321


Billie Lauder Class-June 17, 2006

It looks like Mystery Quilt is the class of choice.  Now, we just to see how many that signed up will give me their $40.00.  This includes the book for the class, snacks and lunch.  If some of you want to pay me at the Holiday Party I will get a table and happily accept the money.  Remember, payment is to be received by January 2006.

I will need to find out how many books we need, how many tables we need (I am going for 2 people per table) and Sandy Paullin will need to know how much food to order.

Gerry Hogan


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Mini Groups



Thanks to the following ladies for bringing food and drinks last month:

Merrilyn Lee                    Susie Bakman

Millie Ballace                   Connie Viner

Helena Woodworth           Lola Dyroy

Mary Vogeley                   Linda Tippets

Laura Warriner                Glenna Beaver

Bonnie Weber                  Carolyn Walker


Connie Weber


Special Note:

Please read the December Program information on page one regarding your “food” assignment for our Holiday Party.



Block of the Month

Congratulations go to Carol Nichols for winning the autumn leaves blocks at the November meeting.

The block for January is a quick easy block that uses a novelty fabric that you bought but haven't used yet.  Give it a try 

See you at the Holiday party    

Barbara E. Montejo 


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