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Publisher: Susie Bakman                                                August, 2005                                              Volume 16 Issue 8

From Our President

Hello everyone!

It is hard to believe that during this hot month, we are in the midst of planning our holiday quilts!  I know, you may be one of those women who choose to wait until the last minute to make all of those quilted gifts, but let me remind you of that comment you might have made last year…. “Next year, I am going to get all my holiday shopping/ quilt making done early!”   Ok, here I am, that little reminder <big grin>!  Ok, so now you may be asking, “How am I going to do that when it is 105 degrees outside?”   Let me help you out.

T Turn on your holiday music

T Close the curtains or blinds (try to pretend it is cold and wet outside)

T Lay your holiday gift making fabric where you can see it

T Light a holiday scented candle

T Watch a holiday movie while you quilt

See?  You can do it!  I know you can!  Only 4 months to go and counting!  Happy Holiday Quilting Everyone!!!

Oh, and those small droplets of water on your face… those are melting snowflakes!

 Jennifer Moore


August Programs

Justine L. Parrish, wearable arts speaker, will talk to us about creating fabric for your wearable arts.  Her fascination with peacocks, iridescent paints and fabric collages, led her into a whole new world of exploration.

Justine has worked over 25 years in the fashion industry as a fashion illustrator, art director, educator and designer.

She attended Art Center College of Design completing her B.F.A. in printing and drawing in San Francisco.  Justine teaches Fashion Model Drawing at the Otis School of Fashion Design in downtown Los Angeles and also teaches short workshops at the fine artists Factory in Pasadena and other facilities.

Her beautifully designed full length coat was featured of the cover of Belle Armoire (art to wear magazine) January/February 2005 issue.

She is donating a scarf or bag to the Guild for fund raising event.  This will be offered only at the meetings.

Those of you that have computers just enter her name on search mode and see her work.  Cheryl Maylis, you have done it again, great job on getting this teacher.  I am open for ideas on local teachers for 2006. 

 Ellie Smith 

Program Chair


Fat Quarter Exchange
Congratulations to Adva Price and Millie Ballace for winning all those beautiful large scale print fabrics (some were definitely bigger than fat quarters)!  

As all of you know who were at the July meeting, I have retired from this task and am very grateful to Caryl Jo Fox and Cherie Maylis for taking over the Fat Quarter Exchange position.   Good luck to you ladies and have fun!  And a big thank you to everyone for allowing me to serve you.  It was truly my pleasure.
 Connie Viner

Hello from Cherie and Caryl Jo:

Our August theme  is "GARDENS"  as in: flower gardens, veggie gardens, rock gardens, herb gardens,  garden rakes, garden ponds, garden walls, kindergardens, Madison Square or ANY thing you come up with attached to garden!!!  Have fun.
September theme: Halloween... so you can play with all those fabrics before our October meeting!
Thanks Connie for all the good work.

A fat quarter is a piece of 100% cotton fabric cut approximately 18 inches by 22 inches.  For every fat quarter you bring in you'll write your name on the provided slip of paper and put it in the bag for the drawing at the break.


Anna Grossnickle Hines;guest author, illustrator and quilter will be at our Quilt Show selling and autographing  her new book, " Winter Lights, A Season in Poems and Quilts" for the benefit of our Guild.   At our meeting you will be asked to indicate on a list, the number of books you might be interested in buying so that we can better estimate the number of books to order.   This could mean a big money-maker for the guild.


Block of the Month

Millie Ballace was the very lucky winner of the 21 heart blocks at the July meeting.  Congratulations Millie.

The block for September is a very easy block that only uses squares.  It looks really striking in the colors recommended.  Give it a try.   See you at the meeting.



Only one month left to the great unveiling of the challenge quilts.  I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's' quilts.  Any questions, give me a call.  


Quilt Registration

Quilt registration for the quilt show will be at the September meeting.  We are enclosing the registration form both this month and next month.  Please feel free to make copies if necessary.  Space will be very limited this year. 

Hopefully we will be able to show all the entered quilts but if there are too many quilts you really need to let us know the quilt/quilts you really want to display.  There will be a new ribbon given to quilts that are the first quilt a quilter has ever entered in a show, so be sure to mark that on your entry form if it applies.              


Barbara E. Montejo

Chair for:

Block of the Month,

Challenge, and

Quilt Show Registration




Community Charity Corner

There was a miss communication (that I reported in the last newsletter) regarding some of the information I have received from members. The QOV Project (Quilts of Valor) is still accepting quilts for the wounded soldiers. You can view the website at

The Painted Turtle Camp still needs quilts for the kids. They just do not have the storage until camp is over this summer.

A few of you have asked about the quilts and other items going that we have completed or worked on since January. I have been storing the following, until charities have space to accept them. Here is our inventory:

    8 quilt tops (need to be finished)

    3 crocheted small blankets

  12 completed quilts for the Turtle Camp

  10 autograph turtle pillows

    1 completed quilt for the Wounded Soldiers

  29 Red, white (Beige) & Blue Squares (12 ½”x 12 ½”)

  12 pillow cases

I have also been collecting things we've all made for our Crafters Chance Booth at our November Quilt Show.  Here's what we have:

Look how well we've done:

  13 Christmas stockings

  25 water bottle covers

8 – gift bags/covers

19 small kleenex holders

7  quilted bags

Please stop by and see me at the Monthly Guild Meeting if you have any questions, concerns or want to just pick-up or drop off a donated item.  I have lots of fabrics, unfinished quilt tops and other miscellaneous items. Maybe your mini-group would like a project.  You can pick up an unfinished top and quilt it or start a new quilt with all the lovely new fabrics that have been donated.

Sandy Paullin, Community Service Chair

Quilt Show

Help!! Help!!  All hands needed!!  Have you started your quilts for the show November 12, 2005?

Well ladies, the show is fast upon us and the request for helping hands and willing smiles continues on.

There are so many who have already signed up to help and I want to thank you all very much. It makes all our "jobs" so much easier when sign-ups are done in advance.   

Remember that you get into the show free of charge on the day that you work.  (What a deal!!)  If you aren't working that day, you pay to get in.

Some of the positions are sitting down and they include:

●Admissions -Taking the money and canned goods and passing out booklet and stamping hands.

●Opportunity ticket sales – this involves selling tickets for our quilt. 

●Crafter's Chance - help “sell sell sell” tickets and items.

●Staff check-in- All workers will check-in here before going to their positions.

●History table - answering questions about our guild with the help of an answer sheet.

There are also jobs that require you to be upright and mobile (remember the shifts are only 2 hours) they include:

●Hanging the quilts- physical labor, set-up design is already decided.  Anyone is invited.  Family members and friends are welcomed.

●White Glove - we provide the gloves –you stand within the quilts area and show the backs upon viewers request and reinforce the "Please don't touch the quilts rule."  Not hard and you get real close to the quilts and get to talk with other quilters too. 

●Quilt Frame Set-up and take down. 

If you have any questions about any of the positions or would like to sign up before the next meeting, please call Ellie Smith, her number is in the directory.

Now for signage, all we need is someone to make signs.  Information/directional signs, crafters chance signs, and other signs. This is not difficult, if you can write or spell, please- we need your help.

We need some one to set-up signs on the main highways for the show.  This includes putting them up before the show then taking them down after the show.

This is OUR show. This is YOUR show.  This is how we make money and show the community what we are about.  No big production is required, just getting to know your fellow quilters and enjoying yourselves. 

The sign up sheet will be at the meeting.

The next Quilt Show meeting is at my house at 6:30 pm on August 9th.  Everyone is invited that wants to help.  Pizza is provided and cost is divided. RSVP PLEASE.  Bring your own drink.  See Ya

Gerry Hogan, Quilt Show Chair


2005 Opportunity Quilt

Greetings everyone.  First I'd like to thank those who have taken the time to bring our quilt to different places, Millie to her work and just recently Gerry and Edra to Morro Bay for the quilt association meeting!  Thank you ladies!  We have plans to take it to the Indian Pow wow in September, so if anyone would like to volunteer for a time slot, just let me know.  If you know of any venues that we can take the quilt to, let me know.  We need to sell more tickets!! 

Which leads me into some really exciting news.  Anne Copeland gave our quilt the look over and you wouldn't believe what it's appraising at............are you ready...........maybe you should sit down ...........OK......... are you sitting?............ $1, 800.00  WOOOHOOOOO!  That is just awesome!!  So we REALLY need to sell more tickets, this is a main fundraiser for our guild.

Any and all ideas are so welcomed!


FINALLY, we got a really great picture of the quilt at the last meeting.  I will have those pictures ready to pass out at the next meeting.  So please if you haven't picked up your tickets and picture yet, please do so, we really need to get them all picked up and sold.  Wouldn't it be great if we actually sold $1,800.00's worth! Yah that's what I'm talking about!!  Thank you all for your support!  See you at the next meeting.  :) Mary Anne Blanchard,  melting in Bakersfield




Sunshine and Showers,

Shadows and Flowers:

We are more than a community of quilters, we are friends too.  Let's not miss the opportunity to share the good news that makes it's way into our daily life, and reach out to others when we need a hug or a hand.

If you would like to have information included in our upcoming “Sunshine and Shadows” newsletter column, please call or e-mail me with the information.

Susie Bakman






Thanks to the following ladies for bringing

food and drinks last month:

Ellie Smith             Barbara Spencer

Jennifer Moore      Adva Price

Mindy Stark          Pris Roehm

Cheryl Maylis        Eddie Moore

Glenda Smith          B.E. Montejo

Carolyn Karren       Linda Kerston

Judy Smith            Cindy Simmonds

Lorraine Quintero  Sandy  Paullin

Merrilyn Lee                   Nancy Mawery

For August, let's have W through Z's please bring food and T through V's bring drinks.


Connie Weber, Hospitality Chair


Membership News

Welcome Ashley Woods, Donna C's granddaughter, and welcome back Joanne Si. It's good to see you again, and to have you both with us.

Congratulations to Ellie Smith, Joanne Si, Nancy Mayer, and Barbara Montejo, for winning the fabulous door prizes donated by our associates 'Q is for Quilts' and 'QuiltsNThings'.

For a chance to win one of the door prizes, please wear your name badge and enter your name in the drawing box on the membership table.

 Adva Price

Membership Chairperson



Quilt Show - Crafters' Chance Booth

We have lots of items that our members made, and are collecting more, to auction off, raffle or sell, at the coming quilt show. I will bring some samples for you to see at the meeting. We would love for you to contribute. Some ideas: placemats, pot holders, pincushions, quilted bags, mini or baby quilts, embroidered pieces, items made of felt, etc.  Thanksgiving/Xmas/Hannukah items are great as the show is just before the holidays.

I will have copies of a few patterns for some ideas on the membership table.

We will also gladly accept other items such as quilting/sewing tools, patterns, gift certificates, tickets, fq's, and baskets.


Thanks a bunch.

Adva Price

Crafters' Chance Booth Chairperson



Due to space limitations, the SCCQG calendar has not been included.  It is available at 


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