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August 2006

Editor: Susie Bakman                      Volume 17 Issue 8
Webmaster: Paula Fleischer

*****2006 Opportunity Quilt *****

A huge thank you to Donna Chipperfield for her hard work in creating this quilt for us.

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Adding to the Newsletter Quilt Making Resources on the web

From Our President

It was wonderful to see you all at the July meeting.   How fun was that!!!  We are so very lucky to have members willing to share their skills and knowledge with us.   Donna Silas, thank you for your donation of fabrics and panels.  The silent auction was great fun!

Did any of you make it out for the Quilter's Run?  I had time for only one shop so I stopped by to see Jackie and Donna at LOVING STITCHES.  If you have not seen “THE CALENDAR” yet, please make a point to stop by their shop!  It's wonderful!

Billie Lauder taught her Mystery Quilt workshop on Saturday, June 17, 2006 at Millie's Clubhouse.  The Guild provided a continental breakfast and lunch for everyone registered.  We had so much fun.  It's a fabulous opportunity to just concentrate on quilting…no phones, no TV, no kids, no pets, just your fabric, your machine and your quilt buddies    :o) 

We're planning a two-day Guild garage sale fundraiser in November in Gerry's cul-de-sac.  Save your stuff… more info coming.

Please feel free to join us at the Board Meeting at 7:30 pm on the third Thursday of each month.  (We start at Starbucks by Lowe's at 7pm then move to the church at 7:30.)  It's your guild and we want you to put in your two cents, please.  See you in August.

Hugs and smiles, Kris Dolan

 (661) 296-7573


We have invited a very fun and great teacher from the San Fernando Valley Quilt Guild.  Nick Coman teaches at Bearly Stitchin' in Pasadena and at Road to California. Nick has been interested in embellishing and enhancing his toys since he was 10 years old and has a Degree in Fashion.

He has worked with soft sculptured dolls and does great work with ribbon embroidery and thread art.  Nick will be giving us a trunk show and showing us some of his creations.  Nick is also very knowledgeable about Viking Sewing machines.  If you have been to Road to California, he is that very patient man that answers questions about sewing machines in the Bearly Stitchin Booth.  

Listen, it was brought to our attention at the business meeting there are some of you that have made soft sculptured dolls.  How about bringing them for show and share? 

Ellie Smith and Gerry Hogan


“How do you do that?” was the title of our July program.   The answer is: have great enthusiastic members, is how.

I have gotten nothing but compliments from this program.  Thanks to Nancy Mayer showing us how to make flying geese, Sandy Paullin showing us and giving us tips on machine quilting and stippling, Donna Chipperfield showed us how to put binding on our quilts, Carmen Recinos show us how to save time, Paula Fleischer giving us tips on paper piecing and Linda Kerston showing us tips on hand quilting.  Thank you ladies, for sharing your knowledge.  Ellie Smith and I are going to have this again next year in July. Any one else has something they want to share? 

Think about it, please.  Ellie and Gerry

Certified Escrow Officer: Kris Dolan

Chickarita Home Decor

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Every Third Saturday of the Month is Sew Day at Millie Ballace's Club House.

Last month Nancy Mayer taught us a wonderful one hour purse pattern!  Believe it or not Millie Ballace and Gerry Hogan were the first ones finished.  This should go into Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Sue Alfieri, Pam Lewis, Sandy Paullin, Yvonne Penny, Adva Price, Ellie Smith, and Gabrielle Leko managed to have finished projects also. They are all the same BUT all are very original! Judy Smith stopped by and we all got to meet her 3 lovely granddaughters and bless her heart Marrilyn Lee stopped by to chat and brought us donuts.

This “One Hour Bag” day garnered $80.00 income for our guild's budget. I guess “nickel and diming” it will add up and make it easier to get better speakers and/or to share the cost for a future great speaker with another guild. We would like any other interested members to show us how to make different projects. Just to name a few of our outstanding teachers/quilters that have so far volunteered their time: Donna Chipperfield, Nancy Mayer and Sandy Paullin. These special ladies are willing to help us learn new techniques and make new projects. These Saturdays are for YOU so if you would like to learn something or just come and sew please come.

Sandy Paullin will teach us the crazy 9 patch. She will have a sample quilt at the next guild meeting. If you choose to join us in August, please e-mail Sandy ( and also, she will have a supply list at our August meeting.  Come on have some fun with us - we miss ya!

See ya, Gerry Hogan

 Membership News:

Welcome to our new members, Paula Cardey, Claudia Jackson, and returning member Claire Miller. We are very happy to have you with us.

Congratulations to Glenna Beaver, Nancy Beck and Sylvia Wortman, for winning the door prizes at the July meeting.

Thank you Donna Silas from 'Fabulous Fabrics', and 'Quilts N Things' for your generous donations.

On the membership table we have a list of all members. Please initial next to your name when you come in. All attending members are given a raffle ticket for a chance to win a door prize.

At the end of the year we will have a special prize drawing for attendance. The more meetings you attend, the more chances you get to win.

Adva Price

Membership Chairperson


Loving Stitches Quilt Shoppe

A Quality II

Opportunity Quilt

Believe it or not, the 2007 Opportunity Quilt has been started.

Our Associate, Jenney Horst of Boothill Patches in Reseda, extended the offer to provide all materials needed to make the quilt in exchange for her annual membership. 

Guild Members Ruth Grossnickle, Carmen Recinios, Anne Watts, Glenna Beaver, Susie Bakman, Carolyn Walker and Cindy Simmonds had volunteered to head up the project and began by selecting a “Slice and Dice” pattern.  On July 12 they selected the fabric and sewing has begun.

Jenney was happy to turn the shop over to the ladies and offered assistance whenever needed.  Until further notice, Jenney is holding her prices at “No fabric over $8.00 per yard” and that was a huge incentive for these ladies to shop for themselves while there. 

What is a fabric shopping trip without lunch afterwards?  No worry, everyone enjoyed a fine meal at Olive Garden that day and used this opportunity to bid farewell to Cindy Simmonds who is moving to Iowa in August.

There are some special surprises coming in connection with this quilt – just wait.

If you would like to help with the work on this project, why not give one these ladies a call.

Submitted by Susie Bakman
(aka person who dreamed up this work for her friends)

Guide Dogs of America Quilt 2007 Quilt

We, as a guild, have committed to the Guide Dogs of America to donate a quilt for them to use for fund-raising every other year.  Our last contribution in 2005 – “Halloween dogs”, earned them $4975 dollars at their auction.  That is a wonderful tribute to the efforts of both our members and the guide dogs group in Sylmar that ran that offering.  We need to begin collecting blocks for our next quilt since we will need to begin assembly in October.  We have considered a spring theme with an emphasis on puppies. 

We would like either 10 or 12 inch finished blocks – (for our beginners that's 10 ½ or 12 ½ inch blocks when turned in). Please use bright and light colors in your blocks that give a feeling of happiness and renewal!  We will of course accept all dog themes but if you can come up with puppies, so much the better!

Blocks can be regular quilt patterns with dog or dog related themes, appliqué blocks with dogs, or even blocks with pictures of dogs as part of the construction.  Be sure that all appliqué has the edges either turned, or neatly bound in some way (such as button hole stitching) to give the quilt a more cohesive look.  For backgrounds, when a neutral color is required, PLEASE use white or pastels to help with the spring feel.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions about this project.

Patti Voyles
Guide Dogs Quilt Chairperson

Santa Barbara Quilting Retreats

Longarm Quilting by Donna

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The Guild has a scholarship program to encourage our members to take classes. 

To get all the details of the program please stop by the Scholarship/Block of the Month table and pick up an application.  Forma are available at every meeting.  Any questions please call me. 

Barbara E. Montejo



Tickets will be on sale before and during the first part of the meeting, so please stop by and meet purchase tickets. 

Your Ways and Means ticket purchases and donated items support our guild in so many ways and adds to the fun too.


I'll sell it for you on eBay

Boothill Patches

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Challenge Quilts

Put everything you need to make a small quilt in a one gallon ziplock bag.  At the September meeting, sign in and turn in your bag.  You will receive another member's bag of 'raw materials'. Between the September and December meetings you create and complete a small quilt-no larger than 20 inches on any side.   You, the quilt maker, will decide what the quilt will look like.  You can select other materials from your stash to compliment the fabrics in the gallon bag if you like.

At the December Holiday Party, you will receive your finished quilt- a happy holiday gift.  Any questions call;

Barbara Montejo 661-670-0293 or

Cheryl Maylis 818-352-1855


Thanks to the following ladies for bringing food and drinks last month:

Yvonne Penny            Merrilyn Lee

Linda Kerston            Gerry Hogan

Connie Hall                 Barbara Montejo

Jeanne Moat              Gloriann Meramble

Pam Erselius               Carolyn Karren

Gabrielle Leko           Sandy Paullin

Remember to sign the list as you drop off your food and drink so you can be properly thanked.

For August, let's have N through T's please bring food and V through W's bring drinks.


Connie Weber 661-251-4072

Fabulous Fabrics

Candy Quiltworks

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Fat Quarter Exchange

The July fat quarters were all won by Yvonne Penny of Canyon Country.  And, it was another huge collection deemed, “Some Like It Hot.”

We'll cool down in August “By the Sea.”  This is open to your interpretation.  You might bring in ocean colors or prints, ships, Hawaiians or tropicals, light houses, fish, sea birds, or anything beachfaring.  Be creative. 

September, we will begin the Quilt Challenge. Read Barbara Montejo's Challenge article (below) for details, and call any of the Friday Friends if you have a question. 

“Sea” you in August.Thank you.  

Caryl Jo Fox and Cherie Maylis
Friday Friends MiniGroup

Block of the Month

The block for September will be a very easy way to sew an attic window block.  Here are some sewing instructions:

First sew the white rectangle to the novelty print, then sew the white square to the black fabric on the diagonal, cut the excess away, press, then sew this unit to the first unit.  Give it a try.

Any questions give me a call

Barbara Montejo 



Cruise Vacation Planner

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Community Service Quilts: Love Hope & Comfort

Just a reminder.

If you wanted to make a quilt for this program and didn't get around to it there is still plenty of time.  The plan is to have another collection of quilts ready to give to the Michael Hoefflin Foundation in December.

Jennifer Moore and Helena Woodworth are the contacts for this donation and will be glad to advise you of the exact need and details.


We Get Letters





Become an Associate !!




A Special Challenge For You

The Challenge is coming!  Beginning in September, you will bring everything you need for a small, no larger than 20” quilt in a gallon sized zip bag, and it will be exchanged with another quilter. 

Then, at our December Holiday Meeting, you will receive your completed quilt.  No focus fabric, center block, or monthly exchanges like the round robin.

A very different challenge indeed!  All the details will be revealed soon.

Friday Friends


Several of you have asked if we accept donations for the library, and the answer is “YES”, but it does need to be related to quilting.  The board reserves the last word in deciding what is appropriate for our library, what might better go to Ways and Means, or offered at the annual Auction Night.  Everything is greatly appreciated.

Last month we even had “old” magazines for sale at the library table at real bargain prices. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for anything you would like to see in the library, give me a call.

Carol Moore


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Mini Groups


Something to Add?

Any member with information to be included in the newsletter should submit the article to Susie Bakman ( no later than the Thursday following the guild's general meeting.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Susie at 661-251-2222.  All submissions will be acknowledged, so you know they have been received for printing,


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