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May 2006

Editor: Susie Bakman                      Volume 17 Issue 5
Webmaster: Paula Fleischer

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From Our President

So much is going on in our guild! 

April's meeting was a community service sewing night.  Lots of you came down to lend a hand and pitch in.   The success of Jennifer Moore's LOVE, HOPE AND COMFORT PROJECT is a beautiful reflection of your generous and compassionate spirits!  Sue Hoefflin of the Michael Hoefflin Foundation will be at our guild meeting on Thursday, May 11, 2006 to accept the donated quilts.

Jackie and Donna, the owners of Loving Stitches, have been invited so we can all thank them for the eight finished quilts and eleven quilt tops they donated for the project.  I know we want to thank them in person!

Don't forget…I'll have another interesting quilter's tip for you at the April meeting.

Please look for the new lists of Officers and Committees on the Membership Table.  We have a few spots to fill.  Please help us.

The raffle tickets for the 2006 Opportunity Quilt are now on sale.  We owe a thank you to Donna Chipperfield for her hand work in doing this quilt for us.  So far, we have sold about 35 tickets.  We have 165 more to see to total the 200 tickets at $10.00 each.  We need to offer tickets to non-quilters especially.  Do you have any ideas on where we should show this quilt?  Would you be willing to take it to an event and help sell tickets?  Let me know.

Billie Lauder will be teaching a Mystery Quilt workshop on Saturday, June 17, 2006 at Millie's Clubhouse.  Your response to this event was so great, we're working to bring other workshops to you!

We're planning a two day Guild garage sale fundraiser in November in Gerry Hogan's cul-de-sac.   Save your stuff…we'll get out more information soon.

Please feel free to join us at the Board Meeting at 7:30pm on the third Thursday of each month.  It's your guild and your ideas are always welcome.

See you on May 11th.

Hugs and smiles, Kris Dolan

 (661) 296-7573


Margrit Hall brings an artist's eye and color sense to her fabric artistry and presentation. She has developed her skill in watercolor painting and often that perspective is reflected in the color and flow of her quilt designs. Margrit's sketching and drawing abilities also provide her with skills that transfer into the creation of fabric art.

As a former Curator of the Hoffman Challenge, and now the Quilting Events and Special Projects Director for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Margrit has been exposed to a wide array of fabric artists, viewing works from across the United States and internationally as well.

Margrit's experience has given her the perspective of a beginning quilter as well as the subtlety and complexity of the more experienced artist.

Ellie Smith


July Program

We are still looking for more people to show helpful hints.  Jeanette Emerson-Tenting volunteered to show something beginning quilters will need and Susie Bakman will give "Vision Friendly Quilting Tips".  Carmen Recinos will show her technique for super efficient quilting.  Those of you that have learned tricks over the years, come and share with us!   

Contact me in June I will be off for Texas in May.     

Gerry Hogan

Certified Escrow Officer: Kris Dolan

Chickarita Home Decor

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 BLOCK AUCTION is coming!!

Keep bringing your good ole stuff for the Block Auction in June.  We will be auctioning off the articles you bring to raise money for the Guild. 

Hey, those of you that made things from the auction, how about bringing them to show and share in May? 

Ellie Smith program Chairperson


Hey, why not come to the Parklane Mobile Home Park on Soledad Canyon Road on Saturday, May 20th?

In the clubhouse Millie Ballace hosts our sewing group and everyone is welcome.  Donna Chipperfield let us know she will be showing paper piecing methods to interested ladies, but other sewing will be going on also.  Bring your own project to work on, or learn something new.

Lunch will be a potluck so plan on bringing a dish to share.  No fees, just fun.

 Membership News:

Welcome to our associate members, Chickarita Gift Shop in Valencia.  Also, Kris Dolan (our guild president) has upgraded her membership to include the name of her business location; Old Republic Title Company in Antelope Valley.  Kris is an  Escrow Officer.

Congratulations to the 3 members who won the door prizes at the last meeting (I forgot who you are, sorry).

Please initial next to your name when you come in. All attending members are given a raffle ticket for a chance to win a door prize.

At the end of the year we will have a special prize drawing for attendance, so the more meetings you attend, the more chances you get to win.

Adva Price, Membership Chairperson


Loving Stitches Quilt Shoppe

A Quality II

Santa Barbara Quilting Retreats

Longarm Quilting by Donna

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The Guild has a scholarship program to encourage our members to take classes. 

To get all the details of the program please stop by the Scholarship/Block of the Month table and pick up an application.  Forma are available at every meeting.  Any questions please call me. 

Barbara E. Montejo



Tickets will be on sale before and during the first part of the meeting, so please stop by and meet purchase tickets. 

Your Ways and Means ticket purchases and donated items support our guild in so many ways and adds to the fun too.


I'll sell it for you on eBay

Boothill Patches

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Round Robin

 Hey there, how is your Round Robin work coming along? Any questions or concerns, give us a call.

Caryl Jo Fox, 818-352-3483 


Cherie Maylis, 818-352-1855


Thanks to Susie Bakman, Millie Ballard, Paula Fleischer, and Kris Dolan for bringing snacks to our meeting.  I am not sure that everyone that brought snacks to the April meeting signed the sheet.  If your name was not there, just know we appreciated it.

For May, let's have P through S's please bring food and M's and N's bring drinks.


Connie Weber


Note from the Board Meeting:  Many of our guild members have mentioned how much it is appreciated when the snacks available at our guild meetings are nutritious and wholesome.  Please keep this in mind when it is your turn to bring “goodies” as it seems we are all trying to watch what we eat.


Fabulous Fabrics

Candy Quiltworks

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Fat Quarter Exchange

The April fat quarters (a HUGE collection) went home with Sylvia Wortman. 

May – our theme is “No May Flowers” which of course means ANY other fabric or flower is fine.

 Our future “flavors of the month” are:

June – Black and/or White

July – Some like it hot

August – Summertime

September – At the beach

October – People

November – Geometrics

December - Music

Caryl Jo and Cherie 

Block of the Month

Thank you to Carol Moore for taking care of the block of the month in April while I was on vacation in Chicago. 

I was lucky enough to be there for the 2006 International Quilt Festival/Chicago.  My brother, niece and I spent the whole day looking at the quilts and the vendors.  I certainly had an exciting time and spent too much money on fabric, stabilizer, and computer programs!

Congratulations go to Sue Yonkers who won the April block of the Month. (Sue, do stop by the block of the month table there is another block for you.)

The block for June is made with black and white fabric.  See a sample of it at the May meeting.

Barbara E. Montejo   





Cruise Vacation Planner

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Love, Hope, Comfort Project

Words can not express how thankful I am to all my quilting friends that have generously offered their time and talent to this project.  I truly appreciate all that you have done.  I would also like to say a special thank you to Helena Woodworth for helping me organize this enormous project.  This year has been a tough one for me and my family with the death of my uncle, the death of a close friend, and a plague of many illnesses.  I am so amazed at how this project has taken on a life of its own.  Thank you my friends.

Sue Hoefflin from the Michael Hoefflin Foundation will be attending our May meeting so that we can present her with the many quilts we have collected.  If you have a quilt that you are working on for this wonderful project, please try to have it finished by the May meeting.  The Hoefflin Foundation has asked that the Signal Newspaper be present.  So Ladies, there is the possibility that your picture may be taken (hint- don't wear white.. and don't forget your lipstick.).  We have special labels that need to go on the quilts, if you need one for your quilt, or you have time to sew labels on other quilts, please call Helena at 257-2572.  Thanks again for all your support.

Jennifer Moore


We Get Letters

How Much?

How much thread does it take to machine quilt a quilt?  The following information was in the most recent version of the newsletter from Superior Thread and they kindly gave permission for it to be used in our newsletter

Everyone's technique is different so the following yardage numbers are only averages.  Of course it is possible to use much more or much less thread.  These numbers are for the top thread only.  Double them if you use the same thread for the bobbin. 

The three sets of numbers following the quilt size represent Light Quilting/Medium Quilting/Heavy Quilting.

-Crib size: 200 yds./400 yds./600 yds.

-Twin size: 400 yds./800 yds./1,200 yds.

-Queen size: 600 yds./1,100 yds./1,600 yds.

-King size: 700 yds./1,300 yds./2,000 yds.

Reprinted with permission from Bob Purcell, Superior Threads,


Become an Associate !!


Are you ready? 

Those of you that signed up for the Mystery Quilt on June 17 at 9:00 am at Millie's Club house Parklane Mobile Home Park on Soledad at Rainbow Glen.  You will be receiving your cutting information about *4 weeks before class.  That is all the information you will receive before class.  The Mystery will unravel as we sew.  Remember, lunch and snack will be provided.  Plan to unload your quilting supplies, then go park. There is very limited parking so you will have to park in a different location.

How to prepare…..

Bring your cut fabric (see *above)

Extension cords, Rotary cutters

Lights if you need them

Extra wound bobbins, Scissors

Paper, pencil, Seam rippers

Plastic bags for your cut fabric

And what ever else you need.


Several of you have asked if we accept donations for the library, and the answer is “YES”, but it does need to be related to quilting.  The board reserves the last word in deciding what is appropriate for our library, what might better go to Ways and Means, or offered at the annual Auction Night.  Everything is greatly appreciated.

Last month we even had “old” magazines for sale at the library table at real bargain prices. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for anything you would like to see in the library, give me a call.

Carol Moore


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Quilting Making Resources

Do you have a favorite web site or newsletter related to quilting?  I subscribe to a few online newsletters that I really enjoy and find beneficial and thought it would be fun to share. 

If you would like to submit a site for members to check on, e-mail the information to me and I will share it..

I especially enjoy Ami Simms' monthly newsletter and there is no charge to receive it.  Just log on to her web site and sign up.  Also, thread seems to be a never ending subject and a great place for education is through Superior's newsletter and web site.


Web site information:

It is always nice to have an expert resource at your fingertips.  Let's share!

Susie Bakman


Mini Groups



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