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October 2006

Editor: Susie Bakman                      Volume 17 Issue 10

Webmaster: Paula Fleischer



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From Our President

Our September meeting sure kept us entertained! We're so fortunate to be able to afford great speakers.

Congratulations to Sandy Paullin on winning the 2006 Opportunity Quilt!  I can't wait to see what our Opportunity Quilt Committee is working on for 2007!

Dan and I are heading to Italy for a 2nd Honeymoon on October 13th. Adva found a Quilt Show in Florence during the time we'll be there! I can't wait!!! I wonder how you say "Quilt-a-Beast" in Italian?

I have been busy cleaning out my garage and my quilt room to get ready for our two-day Guild garage sale fundraiser in November in Gerry's cul-de-sac. Save your stuff…we'll get out more information soon.

Please feel free to join us at the Board Meeting at 7:30pm on the third Thursday of each month. (We start at Starbucks by Lowe's at 7pm then move to the church at 7:30.) It's your guild and we want to know your thoughts on our future.

Our Guild is only as strong as its members. I challenge you to each bring a friend, quilter or not-yet quilter, to the next meeting. See you on October 12th.

Buona sera,


(661) 296-7573


In October we will be hosting Kathy Amparan, the president of the Victorville Quilt Guild and once owner of a quilt shop in Palmdale.  She is well versed in fabric dying and wearable arts.  She will be showing us some of her clothing she designed.  We will have some of you modeling her clothes.  I will be looking for someone that wears size 10 garments.

She has been involved in the quilting world for several years.  Now, if there is an interest in having a class with her, please tell us and we will make arrangements to have her teach.

Programs Chair

Ellie Smith



Includes quilter's cruise control,
Instructional video, laser guide, pantographs

 Contact:  Bobbie Esselstein
(661) 297-2287

You too can purchase an ad in our newsletter!!

See Susie Bakman, Newsletter Editor,
at any meeting for information.

Associate members get listings in every newsletter.  WHAT A DEAL!

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Third Saturday Sew Days at Millie's Club house are just terrific.  What a great time we had sewing for Community Service Day.  We missed ya!

Helena and Adva have done a great job making kits for our projects. 

Next month we are planning a making Christmas/Holiday items so please bring your Christmas/Holiday fabrics and patterns.  Or, of course, you can bring something of your own to work on.  If you would like to volunteer to teach at any of these Saturday Sewing Days (like Susie Bakman is doing.. see WORKSHOPS below!) please let myself or Gerry know what pattern and when you are available, so we can schedule you. Watch for more information in the next few newsletters for future Saturday Sewing Days.  

Gerry Hogan


 Membership News:

Adva Price is off enjoying a trip to Atlanta but wanted to share the news; we added a new member at the September meeting.

Please welcome Delia Court, who lives in Agua Dulce, when you come to the October meeting.

Also, just a reminder to sign in when you arrive at the monthly guild meeting.  There is an annual drawing for attendance so signing in is very important.

Santa Barbara Quilting Retreats

Longarm Quilting by Donna

Opportunity Quilt 2006

We have a winner !!

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for the Opportunity Quilt.

I'm so sorry I wasn't there to accept it, but my nice friend Nancy was so nice to accept it for me. I picked it up the following day. Donna, you did a fabulous job and a Big Thank  You to you.

Sandy Paullin
2006 Opportunity Quilt Winner

Community Service



I'll sell it for you on eBay

Boothill Patches

Loving Stitches Quilt Shoppe

A Quality II

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The Guild has a scholarship program to encourage our members to take classes. 

To get all the details of the program please stop by the Scholarship/Block of the Month table and pick up an application.  Forma are available at every meeting.  Any questions please call me. 

Barbara E. Montejo



Mark your calendars - November 21 & 22nd

The Valencia Racquet Club Homeowner's Association is having their annual sale.  I live in the Racquet Club (cross streets are Seco and Decoro) 

I thought the Guild could raise money by members bringing “good ole stuff" to the Garage sale.  The Garage sale is advertised in all the local papers so we could raise money without any overhead. The Santa Clarita Quilt Guild will have a “garage sale” on my driveway without any costs.  My address and telephone number are in the directory. 

Bring the articles to my house on Friday November 20th or early Saturday November 21st.  Bring your good old stuff, nothing trashy and have the prices marked.  Remember, we are trying to raise money, try to put a very reasonable price on the articles. 

If it is clothing, please have it washed and neatly arranged.  I do not have something to hang things on so if someone has something to hang things on, please tell me at the next meeting.

If you want to donate  new quilted things bring them priced.   NO LARGE furniture, please unless you are willing to pick it up if it does not sell.  If things do not sell, they go to Goodwill.

Help will be needed so anyone that wants to be at my house to help sell, please sign-up.  8:00 am to 2:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday.  If someone wants to bring food to sell, please handle the arrangements on selling and having people to sell the food.  I will have a coffee pot going.

I do not have chairs so if you come bring a chair.  I think that covers everything. 

See ya,

Gerry Hogan

Fabulous Fabrics

Candy Quiltworks

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Challenge Quilts


I wasn't at the September meeting so I don't have a list of ladies to thank.  But your goodies were surely wonderful and your effort is appreciated.

So for October H-K bring drinks and L-P bring food.

Connie Weber



Cruise Vacation Planner

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Fat Quarter Exchange

Adva Price won the Fall fat quarters at the September meeting.  You could win the whole basket of “People” themed fabric at the October meeting. Just bring one or more “People” themed fabric fat quarters, enter you name for each you bring, and wait for the drawing during the meeting.  People can include children, grown-ups, red hat ladies, ethnics, cartoon characters like Batman. Are your doggies or kitties People?  Some may say they are so add them too.

In November we select “Geometrics”, a very hot fabric these days.  Start collecting all those shapes from geometry class, as well as, checks,. Include; Plaids, lines, window panes, wavy and squiggly lines, circles and variations.

Now, for January we have an irresistible job offer; ours.  The pay is stupendous, high job satisfaction with lots of creativity, and it is simple.  Best of all, you get to meet all the members.  Friday Friends will move to Ways and Means if I can convince Caryl Jo that it is our destiny.  (There you have it Madame President). 

What a great quilt guild.  Endless variety.

L'Shana Tova

Caryl Jo Fox and Cherie Maylis of the

Friday Friends

Block of the Month

Click HERE for all the patterns

Mary Vogeley was the lucky winner of the Sept. block of the Month.

The block for October is a traditional log cabin with a red center.  The block for November is the Single Irish Chain done in white and blue. This is an easy block-it just has squares and rectangles.  Give it a try.  See you at the October meeting.

Barbara E, Montejo 


Certified Escrow Officer: Kris Dolan

Chickarita Home Decor

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Become an Associate !!


Stained Glass Wallhanging Class

I will be teaching the Stained Glass Flower Wallhanging at the January, 2007 Saturday Sewing day.

At the next meeting I will begin taking the names of members who would like to attend so plans can begin for printing the correct number of patterns and “homework” pages.  Please look for the list to be circulated at the October meeting.  We had hoped to do this in November, but with the holidays beginning and our guild's garage sale on November 21 and 22, it was getting pretty busy.

I am asking that anyone who attends the class make a $10.00 donation to the guild.  Aside from that, there is no charge for the class and you will receive a pattern, supply list, and “homework” sheet well in advance.  Selecting the fabric is lots of fun for this project and I will explain more about that at the guild meeting.

Susie Bakman


Carol Moore



The following information is printed with permission from Bob at Superior Threads.   

Education:  The Science of Piecing

An excellently pieced seam requires skill as well as good components.  One of the major components of a good seam is the thread.  Most quilters prefer cotton thread for piecing because cotton has a high heat tolerance and is therefore iron-safe.  Cotton is also softer and more pliable than most other fibers.  Here is what to look for in a quality cotton piecing thread:

1.  Twist.  The twist should be consistently smooth and quite tight.  Hold the thread up to the light.  If you see bumps in the thread or inconsistent twisting, it is not high quality.  These bumps, or slubs, will get caught in the tension disc and in the needle which will result in lint buildup and a weakened thread as they are snagged.  They will also add unwanted bulk to the pieced portions, resulting in not-so-flat seams.

2.  Fuzz factor.  If you hold the thread up to the light and see no fuzz at all, that's bad.  Either the thread isn't cotton or it is a glazed cotton.  Glazed threads are for hand quilting, not machine piecing or quilting because the glaze rubs off in the tension disc and other areas and gums up the machine.  If you see a lot of fuzz and uneven amounts of fuzz along the strand, it is not a quality thread.  If you see a very small amount of fuzz and the thread is consistently smooth, that's a good one.




3.  Thread thickness.  Cotton thread is almost always either a 2-ply or 3-ply thread.  A high quality 2-ply thread can be stronger than a lower quality 3-ply thread due to the fibers and the processing.  A thin, smooth thread will make the best seam because it lies flat in the fabric. Therefore, assuming the quality is the same, a 50 wt. cotton thread will make a better seam than a heavier 40 wt. cotton thread. When pressed, the finer thread will make a better seam and the points will match up better.

4.  Strength.  A non-glazed, fine cotton thread will not win any strength contests by itself.  However, because the average stitch length for piecing is 12 stitches per inch, the strength is in the stitching.  A high quality 50 wt. 2-ply cotton is the perfect piecing thread.

5.  Piecing with matching colors.  I saw a beautiful quilt that had what looked like pencil marks next to all the seams.  I wondered why the quilter didn't erase them.  Upon closer examination, what I was seeing was a gray thread showing through a yellow fabric.  Had the quilter pieced with a matching yellow thread, it would have not been noticeable.  Although many think that  white, cream, and gray threads are the only necessary colors for piecing, matching the piecing thread color to the fabric really does make a big difference.

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Mini Groups


Something to Add?

Any member with information to be included in the newsletter should submit the article to Susie Bakman ( no later than the Thursday following the guild's general meeting.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Susie at 661-251-2222.  All submissions will be acknowledged, so you know they have been received for printing, 

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