Quilting is our passion

We are very glad that you have joined us in the pursuit of fun, friendship and quilt making. For those who quilt, those who want to quilt, or those who just love quilts, the Santa Clarita Valley Quilt Guild, SCVQG, provides support for many aspects of quilt making and quilt history.


Quilting brings people together

Friends of all ages join together to share the fun and passion of quilting.  Whether you are a current guild member or not, there is a good chance something on this site is going to spark your interest.  So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your time here with us.


Quilting makes a community

We love to share our passion in quilting with the community.  If you would like to see community events we have participated in, please feel free to visit our photo gallery.  If you would like to see future events we will be apart of, please see our events section.  Thank you for visiting us!

How to care for your Olfa Rotary Mat

In order to clean and condition your green Olfa rotary mat, you can actually give it a bath!

Put your mat in the bathtub and use 1/4 cup white vinegar to a gallon of tepid  ( not hot) water, and a couple of drops (squirt!) of a mild dishwashing soap.  Using a mushroom brush (or other mild bristle brush), create a lather and gently clean and condition your mat.  Rinse the mat and let air dry or dry with a Turkish towel.  The mats love moisture.  It helps keep them supple.  Be sure to store them flat and out of direct sunlight.

2019 Workshops

Mansfield Park

February 16, 2019

9am - 3pm


March 16, 2019

9am - 3pm

Stack n Whack

April 13, 2019

9am - 3pm

Scrap Happy

May 11, 2019

9am - 3pm

Cosmos No Fear Curving Piecing

July 13, 2019

9am - 3pm

Paper Piecing

August 10, 2019

9am - 3pm

Civil War Era Piecing

October 12, 2019

9am - 3pm

Hand Applique Flower

November 16, 2019

9am - 3pm

Workshop Fees

Fees for workshops are  $ 40 each.

Sign up for at least 3 workshops - and have paid for 3 then you will receive the 4th workshop FREE!!!!!!!! 

You can pay for workshops when you sign up or the month prior to the workshop.

Sue is providing a tracking card when you pay for the first workshop to keep track of workshops you have attended.

Note: if we don't have adequate participation for a workshop one month prior to it's being held, it will be canceled.

SCV Quilt Guild Members


Bylaws and standing rules

Bylaws and standing rules (pdf)


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